Film Review The Widowed Witch

Film Review Cursed bizarre blessing, originally in the “The Widowed Witch”, an unbalanced but attractive quirky allegory from Chinese newcomer Cai Chengjie seems to have changed his tone as the breeze turned.

Alternating between boring social satirical and vague mysticism, the story of a serial widow turns her community’s suspicion of her superstition into her advantage, but through its tangle of genre, genre and even visual texture, Allowing a clear feminist message – coming out of black and white litigation seems to be consistent with the heroine’s mentality.

Film Review The Widowed Witch

PRODUCTION: (China) A Beijing Glazed Sky Prods. production. (International sales: Rediance, Beijing.) Producers: Jiao Feng, Hu Xiaotao.

CREW: Director, screenplay: Cai Chengjie. Camera (color/B&W): Jiao Feng. Editor: Li Cheng. Music: Jin Weiye, Li Qiang.

WITH: Tian Tian, Wen Xinyu, Wang Qilin, Wang Fuyou, Yang Shuyou, Gao Pengcheng, Li Wenfu, Zhao Shulin.

As the most popular winner of the Rotterdam Film Festival, Jolin Tsai’s films will be more receptive to the support of more film producers than international distributors – given its opaque storytelling and higher performance style as a challenge Sex fares.

Known as the world premiere of Rotterdam, “The Widowed Witch” is actually its second movie: first appeared as “Shaman” at the Xining First Film Festival, the Chinese independent director, last summer.

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Despite winning top honors there, it is reported that the film has been significantly re-edited – though the 20-minute show was not completed in the process, the new clip still feels too long in two hours.

The first half of this movie, even with its various lengthy The Widowed Witch circulations, is also the most dynamic, starting with a mysterious prelude to credit that takes some time to reach the real world.

In a snowy colorful panoramic landscape, Erhao (Tian Tian) trek through the snowy woodland, chasing and knocking down the resonance of her childhood tragedy with a shaman holding a bell. When she came to a monochrome world paralyzed and dumb, it seemed like the previous scene was merely an illusion that covered a more harsh reality: her injuries stemmed from her illegal fireworks factory and her husband was killed.The Widowed Witch

Erhao twice widowed in tragic circumstances, it seems that the third is anti-charismatic. She was addicted to the other inhabitants of her village and she considered she was a witch, though that would not prevent her brother-in-law from exploiting her prostrate posture and raping her – another dramatic pitch break in the terrifying first-person perspective.

Although “Widow Witch” is full of comedies, Cai pain paints an ugly, patriarchal ugly picture, though Ai Hao’s retaliation gave her unexpected respect from the enemy: when she beat a man Claim to have cured his stiff neck.

coincidence? Probably, however, Ai Hao’s ingenuity can make the most of what she calls power, as the village men quickly renamed her “a good witch who is healing our pain.”

However, initially playing a tricky and resourceful person who focused on community customs and psychosis, a less appealing second-hour territory that mixed with or without her supernatural thoughts and some of the harder political allegories . Tada has always been harsh performances gave the film a straight line, even if the swing of their narrative voice.The Widowed Witch

From this point of view, “The Widowed Witch” is more trivial than antiques, and its official achievement is still a conspiracy. Tsai and movie photographer Jiao Feng often use almost all the spectators, their research, in turn, the strict college scale fire.

Each frame is full of visual tension and detail, sometimes with a hint of color on the edges, which may suggest Ehho’s cynical presence. Even the movies bring us closer, and at the same time it finds ways to squint us: in some scenes the face is covered with steam veil, making a woman’s daily hell a veritable dark world.
Film Review The Widowed Witch

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